Landscape in Our Minds


Exhibition Design,




Ying-Jun Chen




Landscape in Our Minds is an joint exhibition by artists Ying-Jun Chen and Wei-Lun Shu. This exhibition attempts to explore different graphic themes through the qualities of a particular medium—oil paint—to give prominence to the theme and surface of the artworks. The presence of the medium brings viewers different visual sensation that is more than two-dimensional. Apart from visual experience, it also allows viewers to engage themselves in sensational experiences.


The visual approach intends to reflect the theme and arouse curiosity. The dimension, destroy and reconstruction coin the concept. Complex lines demonstrates the dark side of people's mind and the dynamic of sensibility. The logotype is therefore driven by the convergence of the intricate lines. The visual components of this project include poster, postcard, and environmental design of the gallery.

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Copywrtie @ Jessie Fu-Chieh Wu | 2015