Pepsi Gate at MetLife Stadium


Environmental Graphics,

Installation Design



Pepsi Co./Pepsi Design and Innovation Center





Project Team

Michael Gericke


Stadium Photography

Albert Vecerka/Esto.

Pepsi is a longtime sponsor of the Super Bowl and its Halftime Show, and is one of four gate sponsors at MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Jets and the New York Giants. The soft drink company approached us to work with them to rethink the gate with an iconic and bold presence that would make its debut for the Super Bowl. The concept was developed in close collaboration with the Pepsi Design and Innovation Center, the brand’s global design group.


The design captures the spirit of fun, authenticity and excitement of the Pepsi brand and connects it with a fan’s game day experience. Almost as big as New York City buses or New Jersey Transit trains, a pair of massive hanging Pepsi bottles have been created from a series of cross-section “slices” of the Pepsi Globe. The discs form the distinctive shape of the recently redesigned Pepsi bottle, extending the identity into three dimensions and turning Pepsi’s signature brand elements into a dynamic sculpture that appears to change as fans move around it.

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Copywrtie @ Jessie Fu-Chieh Wu | 2015